Winter Hair that Wows

Aug 23, 2021

Winter conditions can be harsh on your hair. Keep locks lush and lustrous with these top tips from leading hairdresser, Sabrina Maxwell, from Marc & Maxwell Hair in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Just as summer bodies are made in winter, so too, long, lustrous summer hair begins with proper care throughout the colder months.

“I have so many clients who crave long, thick hair during summer but they don’t realise the work has to start in the cooler months,” explains Sabrina. “It’s kind of like coaching your hair into its best state of health. You’re helping your hair recover from any damage UV rays and swimming in salt or chlorinated water may have inflicted during the previous summer, as well as preventing further damage from the environmental aggressors of winter.”

Stop With The Styling

Sabrina notes that winter is the perfect time to pull back on over-styling and ramp up on hydrating and strengthening treatments.

“The beauty of colder weather is you can hide your hair under a hat. Embrace your trusty shower cap so you don’t spoil your style in the shower. Refresh your locks with dry shampoo and don your favourite fedora so you can skip the blow-dry and your straightening/curling irons a few days each week.”

“Gently massage the scalp only and allow the suds to cleanse the lengths of the hair as you rinse them away. Don’t forget to condition your scalp as well as the lengths of your hair though. It’s skin and just like the skin on your face, it requires hydration, too.”

Trend Alert

It’s impossible to talk seasonal hair without talking seasonal trends. According to Sabrina, bangs are back, big time. “Fringes are more popular than ever for winter,” she explains. “Typically, it’s because the lack of humidity in the air means there’s less chance of frizz and your fringe is a good deal more controllable than in summer. trends as the humidity plays less havoc and they are easier to maintain. Grown out bangs that are on the longer side are perfectly en pointe for winter.”

For the sake of your hair’s health, you may also wish to stretch colour out an extra week or two as well. As for colour trends, Sabrina is encouraging a step away from the ash blondes and welcoming in honey tones. “By adding warmer dimensions around the face, you create more depth of tone to the complexion, and you get a lift and glow that will last all winter.”

“For brunettes, we are all about embracing shine and gloss, which means enriching your existing colour with colour gloss treatments and toners,” says Sabrina. “This prepares them for the warmer months by keeping their ends sealed and their overall mane feeling and looking glossy. That mega-shine is the key to keeping your hair looking and feeling amazing right throughout the year. The darker you are in winter the better … save your pastel hues and highlights for summer.”

Don’t forget to apply a leave-in UV protectant to your hair before heading out, to protect against the sun’s rays, which are often just as strong in winter as they are in in summer.

Original article posted on CosBeauty – 23/08/2021.
Image courtesy CosBeauty.

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