Sydney’s Leading Men’s Hair Stylists

Dec 17, 2021

Choosing a Buzz cut? Think again and visit an urban chic salon attended to by Marc and Sabrina who submerge you into an atmosphere of euphoric bliss as you’re treated to smells, sounds, head massages and an environment where you’ll be saying a big ‘Bye Bye’ to the crude and quick instant coffee of hair cuts. For.ever.


Article first featured on blog 14/12/2021. Article by Stylemeister.

Image Courtesy of (accessed 17/12/2021).

Situated in the leafy creative hub of Surry Hills, Marc & Maxwell is the home of an intimate yet bustling hair salon created by Marc Armstrong and his business partner, Sabrina Maxwell.

Marc hails from Manchester, UK yet has graced our shores for the past 15+ years working at other prominent hair salons prior to teaming up with the glamorous Sabrina (from Dublin) last year. And yes, you guessed it. They launched just as Covid struck. BUT, as expected by this power duo, they continued to serve their clients in the safest way, by delivering hair products to the local community in a contactless manner.

As we worked through multiple focus groups with our male readers, hair was always a big discussion among them, as it distracted them if it was in poor condition.

Hair affects your confidence. Whether it be a Ronald McDonald Red, or receding, or perhaps it is wiry and unmanageable due it its natural characterises. But Marc always found the solution to these challenges that the men who read our publication found.

MenStylePower have followed Marc’s career in particular, for almost a decade having found Marc’s profile online whilst looking for men’s hairdressers.

Firstly, Marc gets his inspiration from all over the world. He’s interested in watching trends, and studying them but assesses the challenges with men’s hair mostly, and in particular with receding hairlines, greys, quality of hair and face shapes.

Hairstyles for men must be considered alongside a man’s face shape, age and balding challenges. All of the solutions can be found at Marc & Maxwell in the creative and professional hands of Marc and Sabrina at their urban chic salon.

Situated on top of a bespoke pizzeria in Arthur Street, you’ll find a small staircase that takes you to what we would describe as a glass-enclosed treehouse. Yes, you will step back in time to the days when you were young and free and be greeted by smiles and a tangible piece of calm.

While you’re being treated like a King, you can order pizza, drinks, or warm beverages as you enjoy some tribal ambient tunes (Marc loves to DJ) and the familiar and enticing hospitality that only comes from this salon.

Marc is keenly sought after when it comes to finding the latest trends in the hairdressing world. Companies such as Schwarzkoft to KMS ask him how to deliver the best looks, cuts and colours, as he directs Mercedes Benz Fashion Week across the globe. Marc is a hair Director who is the top of the crop when it comes to recognition in the field.

His delightful business partner, Sabrina Maxwell hails from over a decade in the industry working for media, the fashion industry and commercial photographic shoots, extending her creative boundaries with her eye for design and perfection.

Colour is Sabrina’s niche and has been established a reputation as one of Sydney’s leading colourists.

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