How To Care For Lockdown Hair

Jul 15, 2021

Original article featured on By Shonagh Walker and published 6th July 2021. Above image 

Lockdown hair is no laughing matter. It’s downright frustrating. Regrowth. Grey hair creeping through. Dry strands. Split ends. Long hair that’s ridiculously hard to style. Ponytail fatigue. We are feeling the whole gamut and it’s barely been two weeks.

Nobody knows how long this will last, so to safeguard your strands, we spoke to the uber talented team – Marc Armstrong and Sabrina Maxwell, co-founders and owner/operators from Marc & Maxwell in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Here, they offer their top advice for keeping your lockdown locks lustrous.

How To Grow Out Lockdown Hair

“If the current restrictions carry on for much longer, you’re likely to have to skip your next salon appointment,” says Marc. “Both Sabrina and I could not get over how many clients came in with super-long hair after the last lockdown. Some wanted it cut off and styled again, while others took the opportunity to grow out an old style and create a refreshing new look.”

“While growing out a style can be a long and tedious process – hair grows at around two and a half centimetres to one inch each month – when lockdown is over, you can create a strategy with your stylist on growing your hair to the exact style you’re craving.”

Sabrina adds: “You could even start your strategy now. Take this time to gather some information and visual references, and feel free to email your stylists with the look you want when re-emerging into the world. Your hairstylist needs your support now more than ever and coming back to work with a client ready to embrace a fresh new look will help get their creativity soaring.”

Ask About Face Time Consultations

Marc & Maxwell is currently taking consultations via FaceTime, which are free for existing clients and $20 for new clients (redeemable on product purchase). Check in with your salon to see if they will offer a similar service.

“This allows us to keep a check on our client’s hair, the condition it is in, what they are using on it and how they are treating it,” says Sabrina. “We can also advise them about at-home hair treatments,” adds Marc. “We can offer them hints on what to do and what not to do,” stressing that we “definitely do not colour hair at home, no matter how bored you may be.” Book by emailing the salon directly.

Good Looking Google Meets

If there’s one anxiety-inducing trigger we all have in common right now, it is how we appear in Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft teams meetings!

“Despite the few filters and backgrounds these apps have on offer, we will always want a little bit of extra flair,” says Sabrina. “Lighting is paramount,” she advises. “You may wish to invest in a warm, ring light, which can cast an even, clean glow over your complexion and blast a beautiful shine from your hair. It’s also important to find a spot in your house that has the perfect light. You want light that wraps around you evenly, doesn’t dapple and cause shadows or add a coldness to the screen and/or your complexion. Keep your computer camera at head height and hair off your face. Looking down into the camera comes with the risk that you’ll look like a dog staring into an empty food bowl.”

“As for styling, try using a moisture cream like Oribe Supershine Moisturising Creme, for a flexible hold that tames frizz,” suggests Sabrina. “Apply a small amount of the Creme through your mid lengths and ends and then take one-inch-thick sections and twist them away from your face, securing with a pin. Allow your hair dry naturally then realise and use your fingers to comb it through for a perfectly “ready to wear hair” look. Adding an accessory will dress your look up and add some brightness to your video call.”

Opt For Comfort

You’re at home right, so who cares what your lockdown locks look like? You do! It’s so easy to opt for comfort of a ponytail but pulling lockdown locks into a ponytail too often can result in friction, leading to breakage,” heeds Marc. “On days when you’re not on a video call, take break from styling altogether and instead use some bobby pins to pop your hair in a bun. Or simply leave it to dry naturally and enjoy its natural movement.”

At the same time, be careful not to fall into a Lockdown Hair Rut (yes, it’s a thing). Making a little effort each day can help knock away the lockdown blues. “Mental health is a real issue around lockdown,” says Marc, “and many experts have touted the benefits of making an effort as a way of lifting your spirits.

Grey Hair Blues

Grey hair doesn’t stop growing, regardless of lockdown. Thankfully, there are simple options to cover it until you can get back into the salon.

“Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray is hands down the best for covering greys,” says Marc. “It comes in six varying shades to spray over unwanted silver strands. If that’s not your jam, try a zig-zag parting to diffuse the harsh line from grown out colour. Both tricks have the added benefit of boosting your hair’s volume.”

Averting Dry Hair Disasters

If your hair is coloured, or naturally on the dry side, now is the perfect time to indulge in at-home deep conditioning treatments (#WFHLYFE). “Simply massage a deep conditioning mask like R + C0 Television Perfect Hair Masque from roots to ends, secure your hair with a butterfly clip and pop on a shower cap,” advises Sabrina. “The heat from your scalp will become trapped under the shower cap and encourage the masque to penetrate the hair strand. As well as locking in moisture, it will seal your colour and help prevent fade.”

Escape Oil Slicks

“Dry shampoo is the best way to soak up any oil on your scalp, which may well appear if you’ve left it a while between washes (which you should do if you have the opportunity at the moment),” says Marc. “Firstly, encourage the oils to travel down the length of the hair strand by brushing regularly with a quality brush like those from Mason Pearson. Then, for a bit of freshness and added body, spritz the roots with a great dry shampoo like Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo.”

Back to Work With a Bang

As we (hopefully) near the end of lockdown 2.0 (or 3.0 for some!), we may think about a fresh new look. “Fringes are the hottest look for the season,” says Marc. “Think of a heavy 1970s style bang and you’ve got it right. Don’t attempt this at home though. Nothing good ever came from a home haircut.”

Keep in regular contact with your stylist as to their new opening hours and as Sabrina suggested above, feel free to email the kind of fringe or hairstyle you’re after! CBM

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