CosBeauty: Frizz-free hair this Summer

Feb 2, 2022

Frizz-free tresses are likely to be the hair goal of every woman on the planet, never more than during summer.

Article first featured on  blog 21/12/2021. Article by Shonagh Walker.

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No matter your hair type, nobody is immune to frizz. Thick hair becomes unmanageable, thin hair can become oily on top, lank and mid-lengths and bulky through the bottom half, while curly haired girls need no explanation – their hair goes crazy the second the humidity rises.

What to do? Leading hair stylists Marc Armstrong and Sabrina Maxwell share their top tips for your best frizz-free summer yet.

Stay Frizz Free By Upping Moisture Levels

When your hair lacks moisture, it takes on a porous texture and sucks humidity from the atmosphere to compensate. Naturally coarse, curly hair is particularly vulnerable.

“Combat dryness with your home care hair routine,” says Marc.

Reach for a hydrating shampoo and conditioner like Davroe Smooth Senses Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.

“If you’re using a protein or repair routine, you may want to think twice,” warns Sabrina. “Put down the volume shampoo, too. All of these things can make your frizz worse. If your hair needs repairing it’s probably because your hair is coloured or blenched, but at this time of year, hydration is key to enjoy a frizz-free summer!”

Don’t Strip Away Natural Oils

“Your hair relies on the oil that is naturally secreted from the follicles in your scalp,” explains Marc. “these oils are what keep it nourished, shiny and importantly, frizz-free. When washing, avoid scrunching the lengths of your hair into the suds of the shampoo. Instead, massage it gently into the scalp and allow it simply to flow down the lengths of your locks as you rinse the shampoo away. This will help keep the lengths hydrated and frizz-free.”

Planning a big night out?

“Wash your hair the night before and add plenty of conditioner,” says Sabrina. “Only rinse a tiny bit of it out before going to bed. By the time it comes to style your hair for your event, it will be beautifully hydrated and definitely frizz-free.”

Watch The Heated Appliances

Styling your hair? “Try to give it a break every now and then,” suggests Sabrina. “Heat is a silent killer for your hair and can damage or break the strand quite easily. Always apply a heat protectant before styling, too. It will not only protect your shiny locks but help keep frizz at bay.”

But don’t be afraid of your flat irons…

Frizz-free hair is hair that has a flat, closed cuticle. Mark explains: “Your hair is coated in cuticles that are similar in appearance to a snake’s skin. The aim of the frizz-free game is to keep these cuticles lying flat, which helps to prevent humidity entering the hair shaft and causing frizz to begin with. So, after you’ve applied your heat-protectant and dried your hair, give it the once over with your straightening irons to help encourage the cuticles to sit flat.”

Choose your haircut wisely.

When you are looking for inspiration from your favourite celebrities or influencers, pick your muse with similar hair texture as yours,” advises Sabrina. “This will help achieve the look you love. Be sure your stylist doesn’t reach for the thinning scissors – this will only create more frizz, as the ends will separate and volumise.”

“Cutting curly or frizzy hair is very visual and sometimes we stylists prefer to dry-cut it. Don’t be alarmed if your hairdresser sits you down immediately after your consultation and starts working their magic. This normally happens when they can see your hair in its natural state and how you wear it, and they can clearly envision the look they need to create for you.”

Consider a Keratin Treatment

“Keratin will relax curls and frizz. In fact, it’s best suited to people who have frizz but crave that glossy finish. It will last up to three months. Hint: in our salon, we use the Bhave keratin treatment. We would always warn to stay away from anything that is permanent as it can dry the hair out and you won’t get your natural hair back until it grows through again.”

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